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Recognising Opportunities: The First Step of the Marketing Research Approach

September 22, 2022
Every business begins with a problem that must be addressed. This is why the first step should be implementing a marketing research approach.

It’s good to have a product or service; it’s better to know if it’s solving an actual problem.

Every business endeavor begins with a problem that must be addressed. It serves as the foundation, starting point, and heart of the bulk of business operations.

This is why carrying out proper marketing research is so vital. The success of the entire marketing process relies greatly on the implementation of the marketing research steps.

Here’s why you shouldn’t take any further steps in your business without thoroughly conducting marketing research. Also, you’ll see the role it plays in helping you recognise the best opportunities for your business. 

Let’s get started!

What is Marketing Research?

Market research is the process of determining whether a new good or service is profitable through conversations with prospective customers.

Organizations or corporations can use this technique to identify their target market, gather and record comments, and make wise decisions.

Hiring an expert marketing agency is the best way to go if you want to get the most out of your market research. The reason for this is simple: With so many marketing options available, it can be difficult for businesses to know what to do or where to begin.

An effective marketing strategy can be developed with the help of marketing research. An organization can learn important details about its market position and target market, for instance, by performing marketing research.

Marketing research can do a lot for your business. It offers inch-perfect insight on where and how to set up a marketing automation technique for your business. 

Additionally, it offers crucial information on demographics and how to focus marketing budgets.

5 Steps To Take When Carrying Out Marketing Research 

Knowing how marketing research supports the overall marketing process is crucial given the importance of marketing for growing businesses, which cannot be overstated.

Here are some of the steps involved in conducting marketing research:

  1. Identify a problem

The first step of marketing research approach is to identify a problem. In many cases, a management issue serves as the starting point for research. It is necessary to understand this issue, identify its root cause, and design solutions.

Since this is the article’s main topic, you’ll learn more about it in-depth as you read on.

  1. Design the research plan

Once you have a problem definition, research objectives, and a draft collection of research questions, the next step of the marketing research approach is to create a research strategy. Finding out exactly what data you require to address your concerns and meet your goals is crucial to the success of this plan.

The research design can be created once the type of information you require, as well as the project’s timeline and budget, have been made clear.

  1. Collection of data

Data collection is now more simple than ever thanks to mobile technology.

Observation is one method of gathering data. Future purchasing decisions can be predicted by looking at a customer’s or company’s previous or present behavior. 

  1. Analysis and interpretation of data

In order to analyse the data from a market survey, primary and/or secondary data must be transformed into informative knowledge and insights that address the research questions.

This information is distilled into a management-friendly format, typically a presentation or thorough report.

To create a picture of what’s happening, the analysis sorts through the data.

  1. Implement

You would think that the marketing research study would be finished once the report was finished, the presentation was given, and the suggestions were made, right? Wrong.

The last step of the marketing research approach is to take action in response to your research’s findings, it is also possibly most crucial phase.

Recognising Opportunities & Problem Identification 

The first phase forms the basis of marketing research and determines its effectiveness. What, then, is the big thing about the first stage?

This is the first step that any marketing research study must take in order to succeed. If not, the entire goal would be pointless.

Businesses might compile information on the marketing situations in the initial step. As a result, individuals are able to arrange, use, and assess this information for their benefit.

The market’s needs will fluctuate based on your product or service. Look at what is working and what isn’t working for your competitors to better grasp what the first stage in the marketing research process is. This will help you choose the strategies and marketing components that will work best for your small business.


As you can see, the first phase in the marketing research process is crucial for the rest of the research efforts and for effectively solving the problem.

Due to ill-defined problems, many marketing research projects end in failure.

In addition to that, getting the first step right goes a long way in opening your eyes to the untapped areas of your market. This “extra eye” is more than enough to keep you on top of your competition. All the time!

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