Coffee N° 5: Best Digital Marketing Podcast Episodes

Coffee N° 5: Best Digital Marketing Podcast Episodes

November 11, 2022
Check out what digital marketing tips you'll learn with Mitch Joel, Rand Fishkin, and Sharmin Attaran in this series of three episodes of Coffee N° 5 with Lara Schmoisman!

If it’s an authentic digital marketing podcast that you’ve been looking for, look no further: I got you covered with Coffee N° 5.

Hi! And welcome to Coffee N° 5’s roundup with Lara Schmoisman!

On my digital marketing podcast, I talk a lot about marketing and how to be successful in today’s digital world.

For that reason, I invited some of the greatest experts in digital marketing to talk a little bit about the industry and enlighten us on how to succeed as an entrepreneur with today’s business models.

Check out what digital marketing tips you’ll learn with Mitch Joel, Rand Fishkin, and Sharmin Attaran in this series of three episodes of Coffee N° 5 with Lara Schmoisman!

Meet Mitch Joel

A thought leader in the digital marketing industry, Mitch Joel started his career as a journalist working with metasearch and smartphones, and eventually, he founded his own marketing company Twisted Image.

During his time at Twisted Image, Mitch built the blog (and later podcast and best-selling book!) Six Pixels of Separation.

After his next book Ctrl-Alt-Delete also became a best-seller, he decided to be a spokesperson for the digital marketing world, giving speeches and inspiring entrepreneurs all over the world.

Episode 72 – Coffee N° 5 – Reboot your Business with Marketing Expert Mitch Joel

In this episode of my digital marketing podcast, Mitch and I talk about how to reboot your business through marketing.

Throughout the episode, he explains the importance of solid brand development and direct response. He also gives insights on how to have “a strong home base or an ownable asset that you can drive people to” for your business and how to build an infrastructure around that.

Mitch then wraps up by exploring ways to maximize opportunities as a part of his digital marketing tips and the importance of creating a niche.

Meet Rand Fishkin

Analytics expert and CEO of SparkToro, Rand Fishkin is a leader in the world of Search Engine Optimization. 

Named one of the 30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30, Rand gives keynote presentations and works as a spokesperson at events all around the world.

He’s passionate about everything: SEO, blogs, and consumer behavior.

Episode 95 – Coffee N° 5 – How to Reach Your Audience with Rand Fishkin

In this episode of my digital marketing podcast, Rand and I talk about the importance of understanding your audience on a deeper level and how to use competitor analysis in favor of your business’s success.

During the episode, Rand also talks about what SEO is, how SEO works, and how keywords are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Search Engine Optimization!

After that, Rand explores website ranking and how most marketers limit themselves by thinking that Google ranking is the only way to measure a website’s authority.

Eventually, Rand wraps up by talking about one tool that is still relevant for marketers after 25 years in the market!

Meet Sharmin Attaran

Marketing educator and Ph.D. graduate, Sharman Attaran has a great interest in social media, sustainable marketing, and digital marketing strategies.

A UCLA graduate, Sharmin now teaches marketing at Bryant University and is passionate about consumer behavior.

According to her, “understanding consumer intent is key to a successful marketing strategy.”

Episode 87 – Coffee N° 5 –  How Understanding Consumer Behavior Can Grow Your Business with Sharmin Attaran

In this episode of my digital marketing podcast, Sharmin and I talk about the importance of consumer behavior and how knowing your audience’s next move is essential to a well-planned, solid marketing strategy.

During the episode, Sharmin also talks about paid ads and how it’s fundamental to be careful when boosting posts on social media.

By the end, Sharmin wraps up her digital marketing tips by exploring the way today’s marketing shifted the balance between small and large companies.

Final thoughts

Well, that’s all for today’s roundup of my digital marketing podcast!

Now that you know everything you’ll learn with these marketing experts, how about listening to episodes 72, 95, and 87 and putting all these digital marketing tips to work for your business? 

Be sure to catch the next episode of Coffee N° 5 with Lara Schmoisman for more marketing tips for small businesses!


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