Snow White Arabia, a skincare and beauty brand, has carved a unique niche in the industry by blending the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia with a profound respect for nature. Drawing inspiration from Saudi Arabia's vibrant culture and its deep reverence for the natural world, Snow White Arabia has successfully woven tradition, nature, and self-care into a harmonious tapestry of beauty and wellness.


From a stunning logo refresh and an elevated packaging design to a website and social media revamp, we envisioned a complete transformation, offering an immersive experience for customers.


When embarking on the journey of rebranding, the primary challenge was to retain the brand's core essence while infusing it with a newfound sense of luxury and femininity. We developed comprehensive brand guidelines that detailed every aspect of the brand's visual and verbal identity.


When undertaking the task of revamping our packaging, our central challenge was clear: to encapsulate the essence of an upscale self-care experience that customers could savor within the comforts of their homes. We carefully curated a design that exuded elegance and sophistication.


When faced with the task of creating a website that would cater to diverse languages and cultures, the goal was to develop a platform that seamlessly transcended linguistic and cultural boundaries while remaining user-friendly and intuitive.