About the Brand

Atacama Home is your gateway to a world of exquisite artisan-made pieces, carefully curated from the rich tapestry of Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Our mission is to celebrate and share the beauty, culture, and craftsmanship of these vibrant regions with the world.


From the meticulous design of our captivating website to the creation of engaging social media narratives and the delivery of impactful email campaigns, our integrated marketing strategy embodies the essence of Atacama Home.


When designing our website, our primary goal was to provide visitors with an exceptional aesthetic and user interface (UI/UX) experience. We envisioned our e-commerce site as more than just a platform for transactions; it would also be a hub of information and knowledge, offering insights into each unique piece in our collection.

In just six months, we achieved the following results by enhancing the aesthetics and user experience:

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E-Commerce Purchases
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Engaging with both loyal and new customers through effective email and SMS strategies is a cornerstone of successful business growth. These communication channels not only foster customer relationships but also play a vital role in driving conversions and achieving business goals.

In the span of six months, we observed a noticeable difference by implementing SMS and email strategies.

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Placed Orders Rate

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When developing our social media strategy, one of our primary objectives was to seamlessly weave the rich history and intricate craftsmanship behind each piece in our collection into our digital narrative. We wanted our audience to not only appreciate the aesthetic beauty of our products but also to understand the profound stories and meticulous processes that breathe life into each creation.

By crafting and nurturing a creative and engaging social media strategy, we witnessed significant results within six months.

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