Who Needs Branding Campaigns

March 10, 2021
A brand campaign puts your company's story and message in front of an audience with the goal of increasing brand awareness and improving brand equity in the mind of the consumer.

Branding campaigns: every company should have one, but what are they exactly, and how do you know whether your company or business needs one? Branding is not something you just do at the beginning of your business. In this blog we’ll explore all these things so that you feel a bit more comfortable 

What exactly is a branding campaign?

A branding campaign, very simply put, is getting the word out about your company. But it’s not just about advertising. Just like before a movie comes out there are ads, and trailers, and commercials, and posters; a branding campaign lets people not only know about your product or service but also telling people who and what your company represents exactly. You want people to think of your brand the next time they need the product you’re selling or are in need of the service you’re offering. And with a branding campaign, you are trying to get the word out to a targeted audience for a specific amount of time. 

What should a good branding campaign have?

A branding campaign should tell a story and give people a certain feeling-association when it comes to your business. Going back to our movie example, a horror movie’s branding campaign will have a very different feel from, say, a rom-com movie’s one. You’re setting the stage for people to associate your product or service with a feeling or story. You want to have them associate the feeling you want them to feel (a nurturing life coaching service? Exhilarating fitness products? Etc.) with your product or service. Remember, you’re trying to reach out to your ideal client base, not those who have no interest in or need for what you’re offering. 

Does my business need a branding campaign?

In short: if you want more customers, yes!

Even the biggest, most recognized companies in the world regularly run branding campaigns. You should run one whenever you introduce a new product, want to get the word out about your brand to a new demographic (or want to draw in more customers from a certain demographic), or if you want to revamp your image. Having branding campaigns every so often is good practice for any business. 

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